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We are an African company with a strong love for the average African who has a desire to send money or make payments across Africa. We are headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and we provide innovative products and services to customers across Africa irrespective of service provider, region or country.

We enable transactions as basic as sending mobile money from one wallet of one customer on a network in a country directly into the wallet of another customer of another network in another country. We facilitate both personal and business payments directly from the wallet (virtual or physical) or bank account, debit card or crypto-wallet directly into any other wallet or account across Africa instantly.

We have also come to realize that cash flow in Africa is a problem, and access to cash flow is not assured. Interestingly, almost one (1) out of every two (2) Africans has a mobile phone. Our mandate is to make available to the average African an opportunity to redeem mobile resources into capital (either electronic money – Mobile Money, bank account or physical cash – at selected pay-points only).


We pride in providing relevant services to our customers in ways that best address their needs. A typical African commuting and transacting business across the any of the regions in Africa requires a convenient hassle-free way of sending money and making payments directly to the beneficiaries. The sender and recipient do not have to be on the same network or in the same region or in the same country. Through our solution, anybody in Africa can send money or make direct payments to anyone anywhere.

We do not target the high end customers. Our focus is the average African who at one point or another has to pay for something or send money across to another recipient outside their immediate circle. From the casual traveler to a frequent business commuter to a friend trying to make a payment or sending money on behalf of another / to another individual, our solution is perfect for all these segments – either for Business or Personal use.



To consistently transform the way payments are made conveniently and reliably across Africa by unlocking region and country agnostic payment channels and availing those channels into the hands of the average African, irrespective of the payment channel, service provider, region or country.

To be available to assist the average African convert funds locked in mobile resources back into capital irrespective of the provider, region or country.



  • Trust
  • Convenience
  • Simplicity


To innovatively enable payments across Africa and assist customers unlock airtime back into capital, irrespective of channel, service provider, region or country.


As a digital business, we offer the following Core Products and Services.


We are a global brand with local roots and a key focus on Africa. Find out more about our market, regional presence and roadmap here.


A detailed product and service overview – our unique value proposition to our customers is found here.


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